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Courtney and Eric Dejardin are true island locals who enjoy sharing their home with the world around them. Together they have lived on the island for over 18 years, and together they own and operate Mann's Mercantile. Courtney's parents, Keith and Cathy Mann, started Mann's Mercantile as a True Value hardware store 35 years ago with a vision for so much more. The island's growing tourism allowed them to expand their merchandise to include tourist apparel, gifts, and souvenirs. Several facelifts, remodels, and additions later (Keith always loved to change things up) the store resembles a general store with "a little bit of everything". Keith decided several years ago it was time to pass along the family business to the next generation. Eric and Courtney have continued to operate the family business with their 4 children right alongside. Their commitment to their family and the island inspired them to expand the family business yet again to include Dejardin's Island Cottages. The family hopes to continue to serve the island for the next 35 years and beyond.

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